Moccasin Trails is a First Nations access management company that provides engineered access matting solutions for construction sites. Matting is designed for the protection of the environment; for work platforms and areas where terrain is difficult to access; where muskeg and water crossings exist; and for use on private or agricultural lands.

We offer a complete range of products including Composite mats, Access “swamp” mats and Rig mats. Mats are interlocking and range in size from 10’ to 60’ long and are available for sale, rent and buy-back.

  • Hardwood or Hemlock Timber mats
  • Dense Hardwood mats
  • Long Crane mats
  • Steel Framed Rig mats
  • 3-Ply Laminated mats
  • Glulam Laminated Hardwood Engineered mats
  • Waterproofed Containment mats
  • Ramp mats
  • Blizzard Conventional Bridges (with curbs)
  • Engineered Bridges